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Upcycling Cardboard in Hawai'i 

Circlepack is built to answer one question. Can cardboard - and our systems for dealing with it - directly benefit our communities, local economies and places here in Hawai'i? We think so. 

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Hawai’i uses a lot of cardboard. Enough cardboard to make a large hill, maybe a couple. From e-commerce to agriculture, we go through thousands cardboard boxes every second of the day. They come to us from thousands of miles away. When we recycle it, it's put BACK on a ship and SENT thousands of miles away.

Trees are used to make cardboard, millions of trees every year. Most of these take about 50-75 years to grow or about the time it takes to become someone’s grandparent. Think about the last time you held a cardboard box. From holding it to putting it in a bin, how long were you actually holding that box?

We work with the local community to use cardboard in making soil for the farmers and ecosystem. We make compostable packaging, garden and art supplies to replace imports. We work with the community to spread this knowledge and process so it can multiply. 

With everything else going on in the world, it's a good time to do something new. We hope that you can join us, in ways small and big, because we'd be better off if you were on board.

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What We're Doing

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The Carboard Products Lab

We make things out of perforated cardboard and paper. Art projects, wholesale supplies, and other super cool upcycled stuff. 

Click here for the shop. Supplies limited. 

Community Shred Days

We'll show up and shred cardboard wherever you are. Collaborate with us to setup a community shred day in your area. 

Hawai'i Island Only. 


Want to know everything about what we're doing so you can decide whether or not it's worth it to invest in this capacity for your community? This setup has a lot of applications and we've spent nearly two years proving that. If you're serious, click the button below. 

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